Our goal is to ensure a seamless hiring process leading to a successful placement of top talent in your organization.


Creating The Blueprint

We start by creating a strategic blueprint that outlines the job description, the ideal candidate profile, and the hiring timeline. Before we recruit a single person, we guide you through a deep exploration of the skills, motivations, and working styles your business needs most. Then we use our simple framework to map these attributes onto several candidate personas.


Hunt For Talent

Our team scouts for the best talent across multiple channels, starting with our proprietary networks. Our key is leveraging our relationships built over 30 years in the Sales and Human Resources talent community. This allows us access to passive candidates that could be a great fit or provide referrals from these trusted relationships


Screen And Evaluate

Chemistry and cultural fit in your environment, motivational factors, and career goals must align correctly.

Once we identify potential candidates, we conduct a preliminary screening to assess their suitability for the position and alignment with the client's values, culture, and position goals.


Present Candidates

We present the top candidates to the client, highlighting their strengths and potential contributions to the organization.


Facilitate The Conversations

We coordinate the interview process, including scheduling, logistics, and feedback collection. Negotiating Offers: Once the client identifies the preferred candidate, we facilitate the negotiation process to ensure a successful offer is made.



We assist with the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition for both the candidate and the client. We also conduct follow-up assessments to monitor the candidate's progress and identify areas for improvement.

Overall, our goal is to ensure a seamless hiring process that leads to the successful placement of top talent in your organization.